How To Do A Perfect Triceps Dip—And Challenge Yourself More

Triceps—the large muscles at the back of the upper arm—can be a tricky part of the body many people want to tone. One easy way to focus on this area are triceps dips! They’ve been a common exercise for quite awhile; you’re bound to see people doing various versions in the gym, or working off a bench in the park or random table outside. That’s because the benefits are aplenty! Triceps dips are easy for anyone to learn and add to their workout routine. And they work more than your triceps.

Triceps dips:

  • Strengthen and tone your upper body
  • Engage your core
  • Use your body weight
  • Can be modified, easily, to increase and decrease intensity
  • Require very little equipment

A Perfect Triceps Bench Dip

Find a stable surface like a chair or the weight bench in your gym go to this website. Face away from the bench and lower yourself to a sitting position, with palms down and knuckles facing forward. Then extend your legs (bent or straight, depending on your ability) and get ready to lower your body. Keep your chest high and open, making sure to avoid rounding your shoulders or hunching forward as you move. Keep your elbows tucked in as well, to ensure the safety of your joints and that your upper arms and triceps are doing the brunt of the work.

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