How To Get The Most Out Of Free Workout Saturdays

Alright, it’s spring! And we can’t hold ourselves back. So Anytime Fitness clubs* across the U.S. and Canada are hosting Free Workout Saturdays in May to get their communities moving in fun outdoor sessions pop over here. Anyone is welcome, even if you’re not an Anytime Fitness member! To participate, it’s as easy as:

1. Find Your Nearest Free Workout

There are Anytime Fitness gyms all across the United States and Canada (and world, in fact!). One membership means you have access to them all, but for Free Workout Saturdays, you’re not going to a gym (most free workouts are held outdoors, in community green spaces). And you don’t even have to be a member! Just visit and enter your city, state or zip code to find the nearest free workout. We recommend checking again before heading out the door on Saturday, just to ensure no details have changed.

2. Invite a Workout Buddy—Or Five

As we said, anyone can attend. And though the organizers of each outdoor workout want to make things fun and manageable regardless of your current fitness level, it’s even more enjoyable when you’re sweating with friends! No RSVP needed; just send your workout buddies the info and get together on the day. Pro tip: Carpooling adds added pressure for people to show up!

3. Pack Your Bag & Come Prepared

You can exercise in anything, but the main goal is to be comfortable and safe. That likely means good tennis shoes, moisture-wicking clothes, and definitely a water bottle. Since you’re outdoors and likely on grass, you may want something to sit on. Other things to consider, depending on the day’s weather and your location:

  • Sunglasses and/or ball cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Sweat towel or sweat bands
  • Yoga mat or beach towel
  • Plastic bag for your keys

4. Share Your Experience!

Let’s be honest: The Anytime Fitness mission is to get the world to a healthier place. But that’s a big challenge, and we need as much help as we can get! If you’re moving, and making good choices—and actually enjoying it—that’s the best example! You’re bound to influence others, even if you never hear about it. Share your photos with #FreeWorkoutSaturdays and #G2HP (Get to a Healthier Place) so we can see them, too!

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