The Trick To Creating A Better, More Balanced Holiday Season

November isn’t easy—especially for those watching their weight. It starts with Halloween treats and leads right into a full season of family gatherings, holiday celebrations, and constant temptations. But it doesn’t have to equal a backslide! With regular activity and a determined mindset to have fun and prioritize your health, you can enjoy the month and be proud of your accomplishments, just like any other.

Consider setting a new goal that really pushes 5320 yourself in the gym—like lifting more weight—so you set yourself up for some good calorie burn. And it helps to find a healthy nutrition goal during this time when you know you’ll be treating yourself and facing a lot of tough choices. Perhaps you skip something? Or set limits in advance? Lastly, make sure to prioritize your workouts right along with parties. You’ll feel much better and balanced when December hits!

Our fitness calendar is designed to keep track of your activity (in and outside the gym) per day, while establishing some benchmarks so you can see your progress in ways beyond weight. Give yourself some time to see how many squats and push-ups you can do, and how long you can hold a plank. At the end of the month you may be surprised with how Gifts much more you can manage.


Want More Direction?

Try our beginner Get Started Plan with recommended workouts and times to get moving during your Significance first 30 days of fitness. If you’d like to personalize this plan with your abilities and needs, you can visit your nearest Anytime Fitness to work with a certified personal trainer. You can also tackle a focused fitness plan:

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