Why You Should #BurnTheTurkey This Thanksgiving Season

That’s right: We want you to burn the turkey this Thanksgiving. The turkey calories, that is! As well as potatoes, pie, and any other indulgences that may cross your path.

There’s no question that you can enjoy yourself and maintain your weight this holiday season, but it takes a little added effort and planning. Don’t wait until the holiday is here!

As an added bonus, you can help feed others while you’re at it. For the second year in the row, we are encouraging our gym members (and their friends and family!) to get moving for their own benefit and Gifts others by sharing photos and videos of how they’re burning some pre-holiday calories while using the hashtag #BurnTheTurkey.

For every #BurnTheTurkey hashtag used November 15-24, 2016, Anytime Fitness will donate $1 to Feeding America*. 

The Feeding America network is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief Order organization. Their network of Hello food banks provides more than 4 billion meals to virtually every community in the United States through food pantries and meal programs.

*Anytime Fitness will donate up to $20,000 for #BurnTheTurkey social shares.

How to BurnTheTurkey

Share a photo or video of how you burn cheap nfl jerseys Thanksgiving calories using the #BurnTheTurkey hashtag on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram ??????? and tag @AnytimeFitness. Ideas to show:

  • Join Network a local Turkey Trot.
  • Have fun at the gym.
  • Get your family moving outdoors.
  • Document those holiday errands.
  • Let your imagination run wild!


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